Nazareth School

Old Chandapura, Bengaluru

Profile of the Student of Nazareth School
  • Using the many facilities and opportunities offered at Nazareth School, the student will make personal and consistent efforts to develop qualities of one’s mind and heart, body and spirit.
  • The following statements spell out in some detail the features and characteristics expected of a Nazareth student:
    • keenly and consistently applies oneself to studies, aiming to match one’s abilities with one’s actual achievement.
    • Makes efforts to develop a scientific approach of curiosity, the courage to question, to explore and to side with truth, as revealed by the proven facts of science. Sees Science and Technology as potential allies for human growth and advancement and learns to use them appropriately.
    • Takes real interest and participates in one or more games and other co-curricular activities. She/he takes measures to remain bodily fit, acquires good food habits and thus preserves health.
    • Develops an attitude of thoroughness & hard work.
  • Demonstrates in normal school situations, inside the classroom and outside, readiness to make oneself available, to share one’s time, to assist a weaker student, to reach a skill etc., so as to make a real contribution to build a school community.
  • She/he thus gives substance to the school pledge: “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”.
  • Is ready and willing to help the socio-economically weaker sections of society in the neighborhood, by getting involved in social action programs for the poor.
  • Has the courage of conviction and strength of character to take a stand on an issue, and speak out without fear on appropriate occasions.
  • Learns to develop respect and to accept equality of the sexes and demonstrates this in practical situations in and out of school.
  • Learns to respect teachers and elders, according to our good Indian tradition.
  • Respects our planet earth and makes one’s contribution to its conservation and to prevent its degradation.
  • Accepts and grows into the spiritual traditions of one’s own religion and respects other religious traditions.